Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Through the years

Sometimes I glance at myself in the mirror and think...I barely recognize myself.  For the most part, I haven't changed too much - usually just long/short and curly/straight hair.  But there is always something more that you see that others really don't.  The shape of my eyebrows, the new wrinkle, the evenness of the skin tone, the smile, etc. I sometimes think I am starting to get all whethered looking.  Other times I think I look old/ugly but then look back at pictures and think, if only I looked like that now!

I love my sisters, but sometimes I feel bad for their husbands...the sisters don't put much effort into what they wear or look like.  If SI did anything for me - it was to tell me that it is important to want to look good for your significant other. I hope to go into any future relationships remembering how important it is...not just so I feel better about myself - but that my other stays somewhat attracted to me.

With my birthday passing, I thought it might be fun to show little snapshots of me over the last few years.  Maybe you can see how much/little I've changed.  I think I am getting better with age - but I always thought there was something fantastic about the 30s, so I shouldn't be too surprised.  The real test will be what happens after 39.

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