Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aerial Adventure

 My sister told me about this rope course that she did last year and I knew I wanted to do it, even if it meant I had to camp the night before - it would be worth it!

For $45 you get about 2 hours 15 minutes in the course.  But because so many people start at about the same time, realistically we were only able to do 2-3 courses.   Since there was a long line to do the first course (orange), I went up a level and tried the 'easy' green course first. 
The locking in on the guide line was very secure, putting me more at easy with this whole concept of challenging myself at new heights and activities where I could get very hurt.  With the lack of nerves and ready to go I completed many of the elements in a decent time.

There were so many different obsticles - anything from moving platforms, tightrope, rope bridge, ziplining, ladders, pathway with huge gaps, things with little room to hold for balance, etc. 
After completing the first course, I couldn't wait to try another one...and with that rush of completing the first one I wanted to try the medium level one (blue).  Some of the elements were the the similar to the 'easy' one but more challenging in either height, larger gaps or not as stable.  I was very proud of myself...well, except for one ladder on the second course where I started having a panic attack...I realized my fear isn't heights, it is ladders. Crazy.

This was a ton of fun. I feel like the last few months have been quite 'adventurous' for me and I've loved it all.

If I go back - there are still 4 more courses I didn't get to which would be nice that it wouldn't be repeatative.

For more information:  Jiminy Peak Aerial Adventure
 There are currently 6 individual, elevated courses with over 70 elements.  From easy to hard -->  Orange, Yellow, Green, 2 Blue, and Black.

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  1. Where was this? Chris has wanted to get a group of people to do this forever!