Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting tired of this single thing

I am convinced 2012 will be my year.  I've had a really sucky decade and it is my turn for something good.  Wishing time away isn't good but I just want it to fast forward. I want to meet my future husband and I want to start my family and I want to stop working. 

But sometimes, like now, I feel like it will never happen.  I ponder past lives and karma and wonder what I've done in my past.  There is that one thing that I did that was 'bad', but it wouldn't have happened if SI didn't leave me.  I hope that won't lead me to Hell, because if I am going to go there, should I be bad more frequently.   But aside from my one big sin, I think I am an overall decent person.

It is really hard to see or read about all my former friends - and their life's progression.  Some have been married for seven years, some have a few children, some are divorced.  But what they all have in common is that they haven't spent so much time as an adult alone.  They have people that love them and that want to spend time with them.

I am so tired of this. 

Be nice to your single friends and invite them to dinner or out for a drink once in a while because they get really tired of sitting at home doing nothing and pondering how sucky their lives turned out.

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  1. we would go get drinks and hang out ALL THE TIME!!! if I only lived a little closer... :(

    Don't forget to apply for jobs in Oregon!!