Saturday, November 10, 2012

the meeting of my future husband?

Tonight I was meeting up with a co-worker whose name begins with D.  Since this gentleman is married, he invited a few other people from his department to have dinner with us – which was nice because I was able to meet/talk to other people I don’t normally talk to on a regular basis.  When we all met up in the lobby, I knew 2 of the 3 gentleman.  The third guy apparently I met in the hallway of one of our offices just 4 days before, but the really bad with names/faces thing kicked in and I didn’t remember, however he did.  His name begins with K.

Now do you remember back to my psychic reading? She said I would meet my next person (who I am hoping next person is the husband) when I am with a D and maybe 2-3 other people.  His name would begin with a S, J or K.

Of course, the hopeful person that I am, the wheels in my brain are starting to turn.  Could this K guy be the guy?  The good thing going for him is he was attractive.  The bad thing going for him (for me, many others would love it) is that his waist must be a 24, he is thin…and my waist is like a 30-31 with nice wide hips and a slight hourglass figure.  I never thought I would date someone who was more slender than me.  Maybe this person would help me get into shape and my insecurity would go away.

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