Monday, November 19, 2012

One Year of ManFriend

Today marks the one year anniversary of ManFriend & my first dinner.  We weren't sure what it was at the time, which made it hard to define what was to come. At one point he said 'maybe one day we'd look back on this day as the start of a relationship'. 

Fast forward a year, I don't know if I'd call what we have a relationship, but dinner that night did lead to something.  Sure, I had hoped I'd be in a real relationship by now...I mentioned that to ManFriend that first night and again on New Year's when we were talking about our resolutions.  So, I didn't quite fulfil this resolution or goal...but it has gotten me back into the mode of sorta trusting someone, having someone to hang out with, having regular sex, and being incredibly frustrated by men. 

A facebook friend posted that she just celebrated her one year anniversary with her boyfriend and I realized what a sham my one year was in comparison to hers.  Sure, you aren't supposed to compare your life with others - but let's take a look, you know, for fun.

Her - in one year, she dated this young fella, met his family, met friends, spent holidays/family gatherings together, had real dates/outings, gave/received gifts, went on trips, said she loved him, and moved in with him.

Me - in one year...ManFriend met one brother-in-law...I am struggling for something else.  Hmm, had about 10 dates (including Yankee games, 2 movies, and Mohegan Sun Casino) and 3 'sleep overs'.

Wow, I think I just realized how lame the last year has been. I know I thought so, but it is even more sad reading what I typed.

I need to end this asap.

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