Tuesday, November 20, 2012

deductible dismay

It is that time of year I need to send out some thanks.  Today I am thanking Obama...I just received notification that my health insurance deductible for 2013 is DOUBLING.

So, as a single person living in a top unaffordable area, I will now be required to pay out of pocket the first $3,000 deductible plus the $80+ per paycheck = somewhere about $5,000 before I get any health care costs covered.

Now sure, I realize with the HSA, I may not spend all that...and if I am lucky I won't need to go to the doctors too often, but it is insurance, and with insurance, you never know when you'll need it.  My sister this past year got very sick for 3 months and went through her family's $5,000 deductible very quickly. You just never know.

$5,000 is a lot of money for me to stash away or have to plan on paying just in case I need a CAT scan, decide to get pregnant, need my nose cauterized and even break a bone.

I have a decent job, and would be considered middle class...but how can it be middle class when credit cards are covering these costs and I am more in debt then the poor people.  That is right...I am NEGATIVE money.  They just have very little.  I am more poor then them, and yet, I am not getting any/enough help from the government. 


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