Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boost to self esteem

As I’ve mentioned, spending the last few days with mostly men, has been quite a boost to my self-esteem.  Three nights ago, about 4 of my coworkers were flirting with me or stated something along the lines of me being attractive.  One went so far to say he was astonished that not only was I single but that I have the hardest time meeting men; he couldn’t believe it. 

Hell, even I can’t believe it.   Many of the pretty girls become trophy wives, the next level of pretty women have nice looking husbands. The unattractive women still find husbands, and the average woman seems to be torn between dating/marrying their high school/college boyfriends or have a slightly harder time – but eventually they do.

Will I be the outlier?  Will I spend the rest of my life solo which I thought about after the damage SI inflicted on me?  Why do men claim to be surprised I am single but yet don’t offer advice or a blind date?  I understand not getting involved with a coworker, believe me I struggled very hard with the morals of dating/fooling around with someone this year that may have been inappropriate, so with a co-worker it would be even more difficult and the wrong person at work could affect my job, which I need.
It was good practice; flirting with men and hearing some compliments…I am looking forward to the opportunity to try it again.

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