Sunday, November 11, 2012

k is not my future husband

I have always been more comfortable with guys then women.  In high school I was friendlier with more men, and in my second college, I don’t think I made one women friend – just a few good guy friends.  It is funny, actually now that I am thinking about it.  I am more comfortable with guys, we get along great, and yet, none of them are interested in me.  Hmm, I think I need to think about this a bit more.

Anyway, so my female co-worker was busier than me so I hung out with the finance guys almost every  night.  The new guy K (from the last post) and I talked a bit more – I realized he was a bit arrogant – but part of me finds that both slightly attractive and not attractive all at once.  I like a man that is confident – but the whole I am better than all you guys thing- I find that unattractive.  It turns out K has a girlfriend, and while we didn’t flirt, we still continued to chat with each other through the day/at functions – him mostly because he didn’t know to many people, and me because he was a better choice than other people I know. 

On our second to last night hanging out a few of us go to a sports bar, a restaurant, the hotel bar, a club/concert, and another bar.  The opportunity for alcohol consumption was significant and K gets loaded.  At the bar, he starts to flirt with me a little, even though there are a few other women around, I don’t pursue it, but I noticed it.  As we were leaving the bar heading back to the hotel, he can barely walk and begins to slur.  At the hotel, somehow we end up at the bar for another drink, and he is the most drunk I’ve seen a man in a long time.  All of a sudden, he begins making out with my neck.  You can not reason with a drunk person, so I tell him it was time for bed, and I lead him away.  We get to his floor and he can’t find his room, so I call the lobby for help. I get him to his room and he attacks my neck again.  I absolutely love a man that kisses my neck, and if I get the goose bumps, even better – score for the man.  As I am pegged to the wall by this slender but surprisingly strong man, he kisses me.  I am really not into sleeping with an unavailable man so I whisper to him that it feels great but that I have to wake up in 3 hours – I couldn’t tell him I didn’t think he was 1) capable of having sex 2) capable of staying awake or 3) that he shouldn’t cheat on his girlfriend. 

However, part of me was a little flattered, sure it took a little bit of beer goggles, but in the end he wanted me. 

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  1. Oh sweetie. You deserve better than you think you do.