Monday, April 30, 2012

the other path

I saw the 5 Year Engagement with Jason Seigel.  It was decent enough, but what I wanted to relate it to was my relationship with SI.  There were two people that seemed perfect for each other but life's turns made a relationship difficult and they split up.  They dated other people.  And when life's turns started changing, they sought each other out again.  That is what I thought SI and I were supposed to do four years ago.  I wanted to give him time to do what he had to do, but instead, he never came back to me.  I think it was more of a pride thing and facing reality of my family and me and what he put us through.  It would have been worth it, if it worked.  However, please note that that is NOT the life I would want now.  I liked our relationship...but him...I would never put myself in that position again.

SI stopped reading my blog a month or two ago...or he stopped working where I knew he used to work, one or other other.  It upset me a little knowing that his time is better spent on someone more important than to keep up with my life.  But I can't blame him - I wouldn't be able to hear about his life with out getting upset because I have no doubt that the last 5 years of his life has been drastically better than mine.

It is sad after all this time, he still pops into my thoughts.

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