Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yankee Stadium not e-reader friendly

I can't say I am a huge baseball fan, but my ManFriend is, so I bought some Yankee tickets.

Unfortunately I got to the game about an hour late (yikes) because I ended up on a local B, that didn't go all the way up, and it took 15 minutes so for the D train.  Then on top of that, at bag search, my Nook was I had to pay $10 to keep it in a store across the street.  I think it is insane that other things are allowed inside the stadium (Camera, sealed bottle of water, personal snacks) but a nook/kindle is not - I have the first edition that doesn't even have Apps on the device.  I read with it on my commute everyday, what a hassle, but at least I know for the next games - and will read a paperback that week.

I was told that taking the 'train to the game' was easy...but turns out it does not start until May 17th.  So it took about 90minutes - 2 hours to get home.

Oh, and bottled beers are $9 and draughts are $12.

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