Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Problems packing

Why does it take me so long to pack? I started preparing for my trip days ago, I got out a suitcase, I tried on some clothes, I threw some charges, papers and other things I needed in a pile...and it has been sitting on my living room floor for at least 4 days.

But I can't pack too early because I don't want wrinkles, I need makeup and other things; this process is too long!

I wish I had the ability to just throw things in a bag without trying them on or wondering if they go together. And of course the shoes are perfect for whatever is inside the bag.  I envy those people.

What about the weather...umbrella, light jacket, gym clothes?, realistically how much 'free time' and how does that translate into # of outfits.  Do I really need to pack two black suits,  and a blazer (and skirts and 1 pair pants), but then again I need four work outfits and a dress.

I love traveling.  My last job was easier because the trip duration was different, but after over packing this trip, I will have a better understanding for my future trips. 

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