Sunday, May 20, 2012

A constant headache

I used to be a headache sufferer. It was bad; headaches almost daily for weeks at a time. Then I was in the rebound headache cycle where my body was reliant on pain medication and if I didn't take anything my headache would come back.  This went on for years. 

About 3 years ago I broke this cycle. I started suffering through the headaches refusing to take anything.  Soon enough the daily headaches started to go away.  I was shocked with how much better I felt, and was saddened when I realized that I allowed the headaches to take over my life and cause me to stay in bed.

Sure, I still had a few migraines and other headaches but they were less frequent. And when they went away my life got back on track.

Unfortunately the last two weeks I am experiencing the headaches again.  I haven't taken anything but I lost a whole day today because of the pain.

So why did they come back now?
Is it allergy related? I've been wondering that for a while. Many people get watery eyes or sneeze, I think I get headaches.
Is it man related?  Sure the last three weeks have been more up and down then I'd have liked. But I really hope a 'friend' doesn't cause me that much stress as the last man.
Is it dietary? I have been so busy the last three weeks that my do.need have been filled with carbs or sugar.
Is it hormonal?

What I need to remember is to not let them take over my life again and maybe next year I'll get a brain scan.

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  1. Hi Denise, it might be allergies. I used to get them terriblly do to allergies. Try a decongestant or some kind of sinus plus pain med and see if that helps. It got so bad I went to acupuncture for it, which worked wonders I swear by it! Hope all is well :)