Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tea leaf reading: take three

I headed down to Katie's Cottage for another tea lead reading; I am averaging every six months.

This time I wasn't thrilled with it, but it could be that 70% of my reading was about Man Friend - how we met, where we hang out, the type of 'relationship' we have & why, that he is an honest and genuine guy, his job, etc.  Then she said "don't get mad at what I am going to tell you", doesn't that get you curious?  She continues "he is not the man you will marry" so I smile and laugh and say I know that!  And she continues that I need someone more intellectually stimulating, and that my intelligence far exceeds his (which I have been noticing this past month and became another red flag). 

She told me I will have a great summer, and will meet the future husband soon.

I will sell my condo and buy a two bedroom place much faster than I think.

As for the job, she reassured me this was a great move, that I am really good at what I do, I have ambition and want to climb the ladder. I will gain the respect of coworkers and clients and make $125,000 in next few years (quite a large difference from now, in case you were wondering).

She said my mental and physical health are fantastic, and that the mental part improved drastically in the last year or two.

I will enjoy my free time in Montreal (I am not sure if she was alluding to me meeting fh there), and something about going to a beach and buying a red bikini.

The others in my group had good readings, everyone was very happy.  Now it is time to wait then look back to see how much was true.

Even though this was my third time, the husband thing has been very consistent as has been that I will be financially stable.  There was no mention of a future wedding, family, or relocation this time, but I am OK with that since other parts are starting to fall into place.

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