Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad electronics week

I think my Roomba is dead. Well, he turns on, but be does not move. I am not sure how to fix him, and I am sad that soon I'll have to push a vacuum around my room.

Then on Monday as I was two sentences into a blog post, my computer clicks at me, freezes and then does something similar to electronic death, only two and a half years young.  The laptop was in great shape, for the most part I was the only one to use it, I didn't abuse it or drag it with me everywhere I went.
At least my phone & iPad still work so I will be able to post something short once in a while.
But isn't it always the worst timing? Here I am trying to pay off my credit cards, the last thing I needed was to make these purchases, so I probably won't for now.

Then tonight, I took my work computer home, so I can do some work and become familiar with remote access for an upcoming meeting, and it took me an hour before I was able to get the thing on/working. I was stressing out that I broke a work computer too. 

I really need someone in my life to help me troubleshoot.  Sorta ManFriend is a little help, but he likes Apple, and my brother in law is awesome, but very busy (he gets my personal laptop this weekend).  I hope my fh has some knowledge in these areas.

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