Thursday, May 17, 2012


My company had a health fair, it was very lame, but I did wait in line to get my BMI.  There was a guy in front of me who appeared trim, and his score came pack high, so I started getting nervous. I have been battling my weight since my mid 20s. I have been trying to eat better, but I don't exercise.  My weight has fluctuated +/- 6 pounds each month this past year. And I have massive breasts.

I provide the lady my height and weight and then I hold this device with both hands and a few moments later a number appears. (I am very curious how this works)

My number was 27.3% body fat. The healthy range for my age is 21-33%. And I have 23.5 pounds of fat in me - half of which I hope is boob. 

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  1. Hi Denise , how are you....? How the new job? I wanted to say hi and that you are missed.. I don't like looking at ur office and you not their... I miss ur smile and ur company.... I wrote to you before on ur blog, but no response back.... I have been helping Jenna as much as I can.... I'm doing good an everyone too... Let me know when you want to go out for lunch, and this time is on me..... Ok. I really do miss you, you were my best girl friend / and sister.... The day you left, I held back my tears.... Didnt want you to see me cry, I miss you, with all respect..... I hope I don't freak you out.... Lol Hope to hear from you soon take care .... Edgar