Monday, April 2, 2012

The Thank You

I struggled with the idea that I should send via email a thank you letter.  I would rather send a nice letter on nice paper that matches my resume and references.  However, if I were to do that, then I would loose those valuable days when my person would have received it and I could not guarantee that person would actually receive the mail. This was not an option.

On my train ride home, the first thing I did was take out paper and wrote everything I could remember about what I talked about with each person. Were they curious about something? Were they worried about something? Did they stress something? Did you get a weird feeling when something came up and you wanted to clarify it? I didn't use a very basic thank you...I spent about an hour writing the thank you letters - and each was different but somewhat similar. I was very happy with the result, and I felt like it was very easy to write because I had a good understanding of the job and I know my skills...I just needed to finish selling myself.

Out of the people I interviewed with, I received business cards from all but one. That one person was important and needed a thank you too - so I looked it up online to be sure they knew just how interested I was.

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