Saturday, March 31, 2012

The call back & references

After waiting a week or more, I finally gave in and called the Human Resources lady.  She didn't answer so I left a voicemail which was just following up and to please contact me so I knew the next steps.

She returned my call 2 1/2 days later on a Monday.  Of course I was jumping every single time the phone rang, and my hands started shaking.  Her return call was to inform me that they were still making decisions.  She didn't give me a time frame.

So I was shocked when she called me the next morning telling me I made it to phase 3 - the reference check.  I provided 5 references at the first interview, but she was hoping for some more supervisors.  My current place of employment is not set up like I had a huge decision to make.  Only two people at work knew I was applying - and I didn't want the rest of the company to find out.  So I took a huge risk - and decided to contact three of my board of directors to ask if they would be my reference.  I knew they really liked me and the work that I did for them over the last 6 years - but if I told them about this - I was also risking my clients knowing I was leaving before my company.  But, I figured it was worth it. 

I reached out to the three people by phone, and left voice mails for each, then I sent them an email from my personal email (not work one).  They all responded to me within hours saying yes - absolutely.  They understand that I need more of a challenge and people move on. It was a risk, but worth it if I got an offer.

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