Thursday, March 15, 2012

No to a 90% expense free trip

I have a business meeting coming up and so I asked my man-friend if he'd like to go with me.  A 90% expense free short trip.  All my guest would be responsible for was airfare, breakfast & lunch.  What is included? Well, sharing my room, transportation to/from airport, cocktail hour, all dinners, and the two group activities - a house tour and winery tour. 

Now, I am broke.  My expenses are more than my income.  I know about debt, saving money and prioritizing.  However, if I heard of a deal that would cost me maybe $325, I would jump on it.

Mr. man-friend was recently laid off.  I understand the stress of that alone - but he is interviewing like crazy and a few things seem like possible future jobs.  Add to that he previously made more than double what I make AND that he is older...and one would guess have a little more of a financial cushion.  The past month, I paid for 80% of our dates; which we've cut back on while he's out of work.   Since I thought it would be fun to get away - mostly with work paying for it - I invited him, was willing to go to a farther airport and told him I would pay out of my own pocket HALF of his expenses which would have been about $250 - $325.

However he declined. 

I am not going to lie, I was a little annoyed by this.  About $250 to go away for 3 1/2 days to a really nice place, and you are passing? Why not just cut down on eating out and drinks and less dates?  Didn't he spend more than that when we went to Mohegan?

Do I want be with someone who won't risk $250 for a weekend away with me (and my clients).  I would have responded better if he was like, 'I am uncomfortable meeting your clients' or 'wow, Denise, that is really generous of you to pay for half of my expenses - but I wouldn't feel comfortable with that'.  

I think I went above & beyond for someone who is not even my boyfriend.  I guess this just reconfirms that I need some other new man in my life.

Oh fh, where are you?  We are missing out on some decent trips.

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