Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Job Searching

As part of my goals this year, a new job topped the list.  I've been saying I wanted a new job for the last four years, and I have applied to jobs, but nothing.

I started out my searching wrong, especially when the economy started to slow down. I was lucky to have a somewhat secure job, but I stopped enjoying it and wanted something new.  When I looked for jobs, I was looking for things that I thought I might want to do...and with that came very little experience in that particular area.  Makes perfect sense that I wasn't getting call backs.  I also applied to a few government jobs, and with that came very long applications and turn around times of about the Earth's rotation.  For the most part I scored very well, but yet apparently not enough.  My job searching was making me so annoyed that I went through phases of not even applying because I knew it was pointless.

Then one day last year someone I knew sent me a job description, and I was perfect for this job.  I wrote a cover letter and emailed it over that same day.  I got an email back within fifteen minutes for an interview.  When I got to that interview I found out that position was being pulled back and a temp was hired for three months, but they have kept in touch with me over the last six months because they know I have the skills for that particular job, should it ever open up.  For a while, I stopped applying to anything else, hoping they'd call me when that position finally opened up.  But work started to get really bad again, and I didn't want to be stuck there indefinitely.

One day I was off from work, and briefly looked around. I found another job that was similar but different to what I do now.  I am picky when it comes to the jobs I want to apply to because I know IF I get called, there might be a chance I could work there, and I don't want to work just anywhere. I read the job description a few times and I looked at the website to see if I believed in their work. I liked what I saw so I figured - why not? 

Turns out when you apply for a job and your skills match their requirements...they actually call you.

It is harder to change careers of course, so read other blogs about how people transition...because I figured I'd just stick with what I know.

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