Friday, March 23, 2012


The weather has been unseasonably nice, and with that, I feel like I have senioritis - or maybe workitis - the feeling of doing anything but going to work.

I looked through my calendar, and realized that I have not been in the office, for a full week since November...and even November I had 2 work trips and really only was in the office maybe 10 days for the whole month.  Since November, I either used one vacation, sick or comp days and then of course there are all the winter work holidays oh and there were three days I left early.

So this week, I started to panic...working in the office for five full days?  Could I do it?  Monday I was swamped, Tuesday was dreadful, Wednesday was even worse, Thursday was so nice out and work was constant...but I felt like the week was over. 

On top of workitis, March Madness is also going on.  I was doing really well until the last 6 days, and Thursday night just got worse and worse.  I was disappointed yes, but that is NOT the reason I decided not to go to work today.

I had also hoped after talking with ManFriend that we would have a little midday rendezvous....but I didn't hear from him until 4pm and then we made plans for 9pm. yikes, I am getting old because that sounds horrible.

So aside from my errands, I also decided to go see the Hunger Games.  Midday during the week was great because there were maybe 35 people in the theater.  I really enjoyed the first two books of the series and the third was OK, I read them sometime last year before I knew how popular they were.  The movie was decent, it was nice to see how they represented the Capital, the people, and the arena and the technicalities.

I have to say, I am really enjoying not working in the office for a full week.  Next week I travel again and the following week is another after Easter is when the full weeks begin again, I hope I can survive it.

Days off like today remind me a little bit from the short period of time when I was done with grad school but before my job, where I considered myself a stay-at-home girlfriend.  I loved it.  It gave me a nice taste of the life of a housewife...errands, cooking, cleaning, housework, snooty volunteer ladies, trying to please my man throughout the day, etc.  I long for the day when I will be in that position again.  But until that happens...I will be taking work a bit more seriously with hopes of success

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