Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The decision to find a new job

Finding a new job is time consuming and difficult especially in this economy.  I have thought about leaving my current job for about 4 - 5 years.  There have been periods during that time where I spent hours looking through job boards and reading jobs sent to me from my college listserv.  I applied to some but never was called for an interview, although sometimes I received a very general reply back about not being qualified for the position...which at times was incorrect since I was over qualified.  I would then remain content at work for a few months and then decide again to start looking and start this process over again.

My life remained so un-fulfilled since I no longer found my job challenging and I did not have this amazing personal/home life that I was happy to leave work for.  I started becoming depressed which makes it more difficult to search for a job because it is hard to sell yourself when you feel like crap. 
Cover letters were basic and didn't stand out and if I did get called for an interview I have no doubt I would have bombed it because I was not happy with myself.

Over the past two years I started working on my overall happiness with Laura my life coach.  I think around March or April 2011 I started to feel a lot better.  I started to convince myself that I was going to meet my husband soon and that a new job awaited me.

Work started to become unbearable for several reasons and I started to apply for more jobs.  I was more open minded, applying to jobs in DC or Chicago as well as NYC.  Some of them were a bit of a stretch but I figured I needed to reach. I wanted not only a new job but one with a higher salary...and how do I convince others that I am deserving of that?

The next few posts will be about my experience of job searching.

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