Monday, April 16, 2012

He missed me

I went away for 2 days - and when I returned, my ManFriend told me that he missed me.  I thought that was really cute.  I have not been sure what I am in - is it casual? is it a relationship?

I brought over wine and we had a bottle then we went out to get another - at which he becomes a little chatty and again informs me that he missed me and he'd like to not only see me a little more, but would actually like to have dates (instead of sitting in his apartment).  I did ask him if he was dating someone else - to which he finally said no, which made me happy.

Now let's see if he actually follows through with all his verbalized thoughts or if he will disappoint me.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, just take it day by
    Hi, Denise, How are you? How was your first day at work....????
    I'm doing good, work is the same, Naveed is driving me crazy... lol
    I missed seeing you in the morning, it was so weird not seeing your face and smile....
    You have been a good friend and sister to me, I will continue praying for you...
    Take Care....