Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Nice Restroom

Who designs public restrooms?  I am so tired of walking into this decent size room that has really small stalls...When I walk into a stall and I have to scoot around the toilet just to close the door, and worry that my leg pant will pick up urine - the stall is too small.  And why is this?  The 'lobby' of the bathroom is usually quite roomy, and it could easily be reduced to make your personal time in the stall more enjoyable.

There have been a few public restrooms that I have really liked - They usually are a bit roomier and have full length doors.  Here is an example from the bathroom at the Inn at the Biltmore Estate.

The only thing that needed improvement in the restroom was since the doors are full length you can't check underneath to see if it is taken, nor do you want to knock on the door - and bother the lady inside.  What needs to be done is similar to the airplane - when you lock the door, it says 'occupied'.

My restroom experience was much more pleasant and I was able to take my time and do what needed to be done, in such a nice environment.  Why can't more bathrooms look like this?

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