Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Important enough

So my first day of work, I am talking with my supervisor, and he hands me some papers and then a box.  I was shocked that he handed me my own business cards.  He not only pre-ordered them so I'd have them on my first day, but thought I was going to be important enough to need business cards.  I've never had personalized business cards.

I also received a work laptop.  The laptop hooks up to the monitor/keyboard while in the office, and then should I need to travel or work from home, I have the tiny laptop with access to all the work stuff without having to go through a site like logmein.

AND, on top of all of that, on my third day of work, I was informed my Blackberry was ready...what? A work phone? I don't want one of those...constant contact with clients and coworkers? They didn't mention that in the interview, hopefully it won't be all that often because I need to focus on my personal life and this whole 'my family' thing, and while work is important, so is my after-work life. 

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