Friday, December 19, 2014

step towards dating again

Going against everything I've said over the last 6 years, I signed up for an online dating service.  The decision was hard because that is how I met someone who turned out to break my heart by being not who he claimed...and the odds of that happening I am sure are quite high.  But then again, online dating is more mainstream than it was twelve years ago so maybe there are more 'normal' (as in not a sociopath) people on it?  

I signed up, added photos, filled out my profile, answered questions...and matches started to come through.  And honestly, I can't keep up.  I was a little shocked by this, in my young 20s there was not a lot of interest but now, wow.  But I shouldn't be too shocked.  I am decent looking and have a lot going for me...well, aside from a job and income. But I also struggle with my weight/size and I feel like many men can't look past that.

I am trying to look at everyone who has interest in me and I try to respond to everyone.  While there is a lot of initial interest, it seems like after a few question exchanges it dies down as the weeding out begins.

We will see what happens. I am looking forward to getting out and dating again whether it is from someone online or that I met first in person, and I know that it can still take a few weeks before a date actually occurs.  It has been so long since I've dated, and I think I am in the right place mentally now for a greater chance of success.

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