Saturday, December 27, 2014

first holiday away

I kept debating if I should go home for Christmas.  Being indecisive, I decided if I went home, I would drive because airline fares were close to $800 and then since I am not working, I can stay longer than a few days.  But three days before Christmas, I decided not to make the long drive and to stay here in Colorado.  My first Christmas without my family, how bad was this going to be?

I got a call earlier Christmas even day from two different families to see if I was going to surprise them for Christmas.  My heart broke and I teared, unfortunately, I wasn't going to be there. No surprise this time.  Most of them thought I'd go home anyway.

Christmas eve is when my immediate family gets together, so I FaceTimed them after they ate dinner and for a little over two hours we chatted and I watched the kids open their gifts.  It was nice, it was like I was there and didn't miss too much, except for the amazing food.  Of course I cried a few times.   Christmas morning I called a few nephews to see what Santa brought.  Christmas day each family does their own thing in the morning and whoever is around then goes to my aunt's house for lunch/dinner, I've missed this once before, always nice to see cousins and aunts/uncles but this is more survivable to miss. And I had plans, I wouldn't be alone.

Christmas day I was invited to my roommate's families house.  I drove down that morning and had a very nice and relaxing dinner and evening with them.  I was so appreciative that they invited me into their homes on a day that is about family and god.  We had some delicious food, a lot of wine and played Catchphrase.  A family that likes games too?  This will be great.  The weather was supposed to be bad that evening, so I slept over.  It was really nice to see how other families celebrate this day.  It was much more laid back, relaxed and less chaotic than I am used to.

So, I survived my first holiday without my family.  I think it was probably a good thing for all of us that I wasn't there, so they get used to this idea that I won't always be around for all the special occasions/holidays.

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