Thursday, December 11, 2014

making it feel more like home

Living in a house with white walls and virtually little stuff is depressing.  Thank goodness my roommate had some furniture, like chairs, tables, rugs and plants.  That alone made the place look better.

My room needed help.  I had an air mattress, clothes and random things.  It was a sad room. Sad rooms don't help your mental state, so I knew I had to invest in some pieces to make it look better, a place that I didn't mind being in.  I already changed so much about my life - my location, no job, no family, few friends...I didn't need more to depress me.

I've become a thrift store shopper, mostly because I needed my money to go farther and will this stuff be temporary?

Thrift Store:
Curtains - $18 (2 panels)
Night Stand - $5 (got for 50% off; needs work, another DIY project - post forthcoming)
Picture holders - $4 for both
Candle holders - $3 for all four (50% off)

4 Glass things - used for makeup & hair stuff in medicine cabinet $4
Mirror - $10 (got for 50% off)
Filing Cabinet - $2.50 (50% off)
2 Picture Frames - $4 for both (small one will probably get painted)

Garage/Estate Sales:
Dresser - $20 (plus the cost to fix it, see other post)
Night Stand - $3.50 (50% off, plus the cost to fix it, see other post)
Chair - $15 (50% off)

New From Store:
Vase - $2.98
Vase - $1.98

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