Monday, December 29, 2014

Date #1, he seems normal

After a little miscommunication, I had my first date with a man from the online dating site.  He arrived earlier than me and waited by the entrance along with the many other people waiting for a table, which was less than the amount of people by the bar...which meant he was easier to find.  Kind of.  He shaved his head, but I still recognized him.  He stood up to greet me and I apologized for being a few minutes late.  While I left with plenty of extra time, I was not familiar with where this restaurant was which was in a very busy mall around Christmas time.  Our buzzer went off and we were shown to a high rise table.

Conversation started to flow quickly and the waitress gave up asking if we were ready to order.  He was normal.  Well, as normal as one can be
on a first date.  He was decent looking, he presented himself well, he spoke correctly, he was polite, he kept conversation going smoothly and we laughed.  Ok, so he doesn't like fish or RVs and doesn't drink. Not a deal breaker.

We finally ordered food, split a small pizza and an appetizer.  He said he was surprised I was never married, since I was very pretty and was curious why I wasn't snatched up.  Good question. I don't know.  I tell him that I've had 'long' relationships they just didn't work out. Is it that I don't go to the gym? Is it my body, I am not thin and I have huge boobs.  Maybe I should ask the past men why they all preferred other women over me. I am really not sure what is wrong with me.  And I feel like at my age or older, if people haven't been married, there is usually a reason, unless of course they love the single lifestyle.  But I think I am pretty normal.  And he seemed normal.  So unless something drastic happened before we wrapped up, I knew I'd agree to a second date.

They cleared our plates and we continued to talk for another 45 minutes to an hour.  He said that he'd like to get together again and I said I'd like that and he had my number. After 2 1/2 hours of meeting we left.  Gave a quick hug and wished each other a happy holiday.

Thirty minutes after getting home, I had a text from him again stating he had a good time and hopes that if I have any other dates that they go poorly so he still has a shot.  It made me smile. That was kind of funny.

We've texted a few times since then; we are both looking forward to a second date.

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