Monday, July 16, 2012

Stepping up the dating

After my blind date, the stand still with man friend, and hearing about all these people in new relationships so quickly after breakups/divorces, I realized I need to do more. So even though I was resigned to not do the online dating thing again (that is how I met SI 10 years ago), I sucked it up and signed up on Saturday. Writing a profile isn't easy, I like to think I am modest so saying great things about yourself without sounding fake is hard. Words aside, finding the right pictures are hard too. I don't show enough skin, guys skip over me, but I am not looking for someone only into that, I want them to want more. Then I have the issue of not being slender, 80% of the guys want a slender woman...sure they are tiny & cute, but why pass up an amazing gal because she is a little bigger? And, it always seems that the 3-5s message me, but I think I deserve a 7 -8. Who knows, I might not meet my fh this way, but hopefully it will at least get me out of the house a little, I'll learn more about myself, and I'll get a little boost to my self esteem if I keep getting 8 emails a day, even if they are from uglies.

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