Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Germs go away

Want to hear a funny story?

My sister came down to visit for a few days last week; she also went to the doctor and found out she had strep throat and was taking a high dose amoxicillian.  I barely saw her because I was so busy, but one evening we were eating and filled the dishwasher. We were going to run it the next day.

A few days later I realize we are out of cups and plates so I empty the dishwasher.  A few items were still dirty so I hand washed them, but we've been having some problems with it.  I use the forks, cups, and plates.  Then the next day, I find out the dishwasher was not run - how could I not know? Well, they really prerinse everything anyway.

Last night I made out with manfriend with a little scratchy throat, but he was willing to get that because 'I am worth it'.  But this morning I woke up so sick.  I don't get sick days/vacation yet. I had plans with my family friends for the fourth, and was bummed to not go.  I went to the urgent care and he said it looked liked strep, and put me on amoxicillian.

What a fun day off from work.

And ok, the story isn't really funny - lesson to everyone...germs stay around a while.  Clean those dishes well when someone is sick!

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