Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Handed out my first card

So, I handed out my first business card tonight. Not to a sexy, single man that had potential to be my future husband, but to the woman sitting next to me on the train - her name was Heidi. Don't worry, I haven't turned lesbian yet. I went out for a few drinks after work, and since I am on a modified diet and haven't drank in weeks, I felt the effects of my sangria before the first glass was empty. I had two drinks, peed two times, and was extremely chatty...well, I got on the train with full intentions of text flirting with cop#1, and reading my book, but then Heidi complained about the person lacking and I agreed instead of one 'quiet car' there should only be one loud car, why ,ake everyone suffer? So we start talking about work, and next thing I know I am telling her we are hiring someone for a 50/50 position and gave her my card. But everything happens for a reason right? Maybe she has a single cousin, or will be my future assistant.

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