Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Glamour shots

I had a great day of fun, thanks to groupon. They had a deal for boudior photography at glamour shots. My homework was to come up with three outfits. I had them do my makeup when I got there since it was included, they offer to do my hair, but I thought it was fine.

For the makeup, they used an airbrush for the foundation, and what grossed me out was that they used the real wand of the mascara and probably never clean the other brushes. I closed my eyes, I didnt want to get more grossed out, and think about the waiver I signed about them not being responsible for any reactions to the makeup. I would have brought my own mascara bottle - and recommend you do.

My session started and my photographer but me at ease, made me laugh and made me feel sexy; he took about 15 pictures in each outfit. 

Once you are done, they first showed you a slide show of all of them, then you go one by one through each to narrow it down for what you'll purchase. The packages were expensive. You pay for each picture you want copyright privileges for, normally this is $160 each, but I got for $90 each and some other discount. I would have loved to get more, but who can afford that? I will get the sideshow, but can't print/download them. It was fun to see the pictures, but also as a huge critic of yourself, I wish I saw them and redid a few...as they didn't come out as great as I would have hoped. Narrowing them down was really hard, I really liked 80%. It was nice to have input from others when they gasped at how nice a picture was or were very silent for a not so good one. So now I just have to wait and then pick up my purchases. Come back soon and I will post a few that I have copyright too.

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  1. It sounds like you had a pretty good experience Denise! My friend told me she heard of a Glamour Shots scam or something like that but I told her that those were complete lies because me and family use them all the time and there great. We always get compliments on our pictures and have never had a problem, anyway thank you for sharing your story with us.