Thursday, October 8, 2015

new wheels

Since I moved, I thought about getting a bike.  We have so many great trail systems out here.  But the biggest thing holding me back was money, second was what would I use the bike for? Road? Mountain?  I kept going back and forth.  My friends who newly became obsessed with biking told me to get a good bike, its worth the money.  Then you have all the accessories and was just too much.  Winter rolled around and I forgot about the idea of wanting a bike.  Spring came and I was so busy adjusting to working again.  Summer almost ended by the time I maybe figured out what I wanted.

I wanted a mountain bike...until I was in Steamboat Springs and I saw mountain biking in action.  The following weekend I went biking shopping.  I ended up with a hybrid, exactly what I didn't want.  But I didn't want to commit to road or dirt.  The hybrid is in the middle.  Who would have thought that my 'new' fear of commitment would spread to bikes too?

I ended up with a Giant/Liv Alight 1.  It is nice and light and comfortable "city" bike.  Great if I want to commute, but it can handle some dirt too.

It's been 14 years since I road a bike...and my last experience was tough hills in Vermont I wasn't ready for that sort of scared me from biking again...even though I set up my bike as a recumbent bike for a few months.  Anyway, the point is I needed to ease into it this time so I wouldn't be turned against it.

My first ride was 3 miles, then 6 then 13 then 15.  There were a few areas with softer dirt/rocky and my bike really struggled but if I want to pursue that type of cycling in the is still an option.

I met up with several people from craigslist for a bike rack and tension bars or whatever they are called and got 'deals' well, as far as not paying full price.  I spent a lot of time researching the platform racks vs the arm racks...and went with the arm racks only because I wanted the option of toting along more than 2 bikes....which might be a rare occurrence, but you never know.

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