Wednesday, October 28, 2015

all in

I decided I was going to like the new guy.  Forget about Stiff...he is Stiff.   Sure, great on paper, more my type in the looks department, and aside from our trip to Mt. Evans....our 'dates' have been boring.  Well, I can't call them 'dates' because we aren't dating...but when we hang out.  Anyway, going to dinner and the movies one night with Stiff, made me know what? I enjoy my time with the other guy.

And that was that.  My text messages to him got cuter, I was a little more flirty.  I was even tempted to go to the airport when he came back from his trip (and before the next one the following day) to give him a kiss and let him know I was interested.   My roommate kindly reminded me I'd probably be viewed as psychotic if I did that though because we only went out four times.   So I texted it to him so when he got off the plane, he knew I was thinking about him....

...and the next day he proposed that he meet me at work for a quick lunch before his next flight.  And I am glad that he did, because seeing him again after that break reinforced I wanted to see him when he got back a week later.  It is hard to have a 2 week break when you just start dating...cause a lot can happen in that time.

I don't think a day went by during that second week that we didn't text each other at least once.

I am still concerned about him not liking the last woman he dated...for FIVE years and that relationship just ended.  He said from date 1 he didn't like her, so what if he really doesn't like me....but that I am the first person he went out with since his breakup?  Also, I don't want to be a rebound.

Until I know more...I am going all in.  Aside from feelings being hurt, what do I have to lose?

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