Saturday, June 2, 2012

wishing to share work trips with a special someone

It was about the time I started blogging that my ex told me he was going to go on a work trip with me.  He even bought a ticket (he emailed me his confirmation) but then a day before departure, he changed his mind.  I was pissed, I mean, I could have asked someone else. 

This time around ManFriend told me he was 'seriously' considering coming to Montreal with me for a few days of my trip.He loved this city since he spent so much time here in college.  After our incident a week or two ago, I assumed he wasn't going to come & asked a few other people if they'd like to come, but to my surprise he said he most likely was - and he was my first choice.  Up until the day before I left he was still a maybe.  I arrived in Montreal I sent him an email asking if I was going to be alone or not, he responded - but not to my question.

How do I attract these people? I mean sure, I don't need him here, and either way it would not really affect me - since my schedule is quite busy, but it still would have been nice to know if I'd have someone to have dinner with one night or someone who could drive back some of my stuff.  Surprises is nice, and it would have been wonderful if he just showed up, but just not saying anything isn't nice either.  But instead, I will get to sleep well since I don't have to worry about his sleep apnea noises.

Oh FH, where are you? I am hoping I meet you this week!

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