Friday, June 15, 2012

My turn as Vanna

Part of my job description is to manage Board operations and with that comes several things I find amusing. 

During our Board meetings, I sit off to the side next to the podium where am in charge of the slide show.  Yes, you read that correctly, I hit the button to move to the next slide - and take notes for the minutes of the meeting.  I suppose one could find that difficult to keep up with the speaker, but 90% of my speakers read off the slides, so it is quite apparent when the slide needs to be changed.

Another of my duties is to stand on a stage during our optional black tie awards ceremony.  I was not sure what to expect my first time, but I wasn't nervous.  My boss sent me up on stage at the very beginning - and I positioned myself in the far back corner because I was not the main person to look at, I was trying to blend in.  So, I stand there during a 10 minute speech - the only other person in the room standing.  I had no idea if everyone was looking at me wondering who I was and why I was on stage.  I smiled, I fake smiled, I stopped smiling because I thought maybe I looked fake. I tried not to move because I didn't want to appear shifty.  I led the audience in applause after the speech.  There was a very brief award given out, where I presented the gift to the person who handed it to the recipient, and then it was time for an eight minute speech, where I again positioned myself in the corner, my feet/legs starting to shake in my heels.  At last my time came.  I felt like Vanna White except I wasn't elegantly walking back and forth across the stage, but was handing the gifts to the presenter to present to the award recipient and scooting backwards so I was not in the picture.  Luckily they stopped allowing the recipients to say anything, they just posed for a picture.

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