Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mount Royal

I summited my first mountain.  I would be very proud of myself, except this mountain was really a hill:   Mount Royal peaks at 764 feet.

I walked from my hotel to the mountain, walking the last two blocks up before getting to the 'mountain' was the most strenuous incline.  Once getting into the park, you have two ways to get to the top - taking the stairs or walking the pathway.  I decided on taking the pathway up so I can see parts of the park and the stairs on my way back down.  Frommers was correct in estimating it would take about 45 minutes to get to the top. 
The park was designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead, the guy that designed among other things - Central Park and property at the Biltmore Estate.  Although I have to say, the park was a little more 'boring' than other parks.  The gradual dirt path brought me around to beaver lake, a nice green area, a lake and a restaurant.  This was a very nice area where people would gather; it was very relaxing.

A short walk from beaver lake, you reach the lookout.  Truly a wonderful view of the city.

And about a 15 minute walk further is the cross.  There was a little construction in that area so I couldn't get much further than getting the picture below.  

I took the stairs down the hill; they were quite steep, and I can understand why people go there just to walk to the top.

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