Wednesday, September 23, 2015

just another statistic

How many people get their identity stolen by thieves?  Well, add one more.

Although I think identity is a huge word....someone just used my account and credit card to make a $2,200+ purchase.

After I saw the email that came through about the purchase, I hoped online to make sure it was right...then I called the bank and disputed the charge.  Then I tried to call the vendor, but they were closed.  I didn't sleep well...all I kept thinking about is how did this happen? Who did this.  By the time I woke up in the morning, I convinced myself it was Stiff.

The following morning, I call the vendor. I  explain everything.  I tell them I disputed the charge with my credit card company already...and what else can I do because I don't want this person to have a great time on my dime, they refer me to the fraud department. I hang up.  Thirty minutes later I get a call from the fraud department asking me to call them. Basically I retell the whole story.  They put me on hold, and said that yes it wasn't me.  I ask if I can get the IP address of the computer, they wouldn't give it to me because of privacy issues...hello, was my privacy not violated by someone? anyway, I understand.  They told me they can provide this information to the police and they would appreciate it if I got them involved.  Time spent on the phone or holding so far....1.5 hours.

In the afternoon I go to my police station and ask to file a report.  I explain everything again.  He seems reluctant to want to help because it is probably out of state.  And I try saying over and over again...but we can know for sure once we get the IP address...please call.  So he tries calling and no one answers.  He starts the paperwork, I call, no one answers.  I was at the police station for 35 minutes.

I get home and I call the main customer service line, not the fraud department. I hold for 15 minutes and get disconnected.  I call back. I wait 12 minutes only to be transferred to another department....on hold another 8 minutes.  The fraud department is closed for the day....although no one seems to know what time they close.  5 PM Eastern time I ask? No, Central...then they should still be open....oh, it must be eastern.  Seriously?  I ask to confirm the number...and he makes me tell him the number.  I am hesitant.

I have spent a ton of time on this.  And for what?  No one to bother to investigate anyway?  That amount of money is a felony....sure, it isn't an 'exciting' crime...but it adds up.  And I think most people if it is being taken care of my a dispute/credit card fraud department that people don't pursue filing complaints because it is taken care of....but the person who committed it still can have/use all the things they've purchased.  Me, I asked to make sure the tickets they purchased were void so when they attempt to use them, they can't.  Talk about embarrassing.

The good thing is that I've wanted to change all my passwords for a while and I haven't so that is still a work in process...but I've made a nice dent so far.

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