Friday, September 18, 2015

good samaritan

I spent a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago with a friend giving out supplies to the homeless.  We walked the streets with bags full of toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, chapstick, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, lotion, granola bars, water, tissues, etc.   I talked with many people about their situations, what other supplies they need and they were truly so grateful for us.  We've all run into really grumpy homeless people and it makes us reconsider our giving actions...but we can't let one person ruin that for all the others.  One young lady was a lawyer, she is still trying to get a job in that field.  You'd be shocked about how some of them got where they are.  It was heartbreaking.

Some of the hand sanitizers came individually wrapped.  As I was handing some to a few men, they did a double take....they got so excited they thought they were condoms!  The homeless people are getting a lot more action than me!

Supplies Denver's homeless requested that we didn't have....nail clippers, mirrors, blankets, medical supplies.

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