Monday, August 13, 2012


Do you like surprises?  I am generally not a fan.  Maybe it is because I can't guarantee I can pull off that happy or excited look.

This morning I had the rare opportunity to log into my email from a computer, and as my luck would have it, my mouse happened to be over an email from an ex and I see the picture of him with a burp cloth over his shoulder.

First let me say I am not too surprised by this revelation, as I have said a few times on here I assumed he had a child/children.  This only confirms my assumption.

What I don't know (and I have no doubt I  could find out if I needed to know, which I do not, I have zero desire to know) is who is the baby mamma. Is it the mistress or someone new?  Has he fathered children with different women (this would be my preference for several reasons), and does he like being a dad?  When I knew him, he knew nothing about children it was scary...but like everything else learn as you go.

I am sure his relationship will be strained a little during parenthood because he was so opinionated and stubborn that at times I was uncomfortable around him. I hope he found someone as crazy as he is, and then it would be a moot point.

Best of luck to you.

It is a little ironic that the one man who was willing to compromise on having one child with me because I wanted several, has child/children before me (red flag there that should have known we weren't right for each other, still pissed I wasted 8 years on him)...and I am at the point know where I don't know if I want any, or I should rephrase and say I don't want a baby, but give me a 6 year old.  I know I'd be a great mother so I'll let my fh decide for us about having kids.

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  1. What! Who was the email from?? Maybe it was a nephew or friends baby? More details! Email me :) lol