Monday, August 6, 2012

Calling on the saints

At my card reading in November, the lady told me to pray to St. Anne; I did not. When we went back a few weeks ago, the lady told my mother that the single daughter needs to reach out to St. Anne (she didn't know of our relationship/I went after).

I figured why not try it...nothing else seems to be working.  I drive around where I knew there was a religious store, but apparently it is no longer there, so I had to order this $16 statue online with a $10 shipping charge.  A few days later it arrives and a few days later I decide to start my 9 day prayer.

Each night I read a short two paragraphs asking St. Anne to intercede for me. 

So, St. Anne, please send me my man soon.

Have you heard/tries this?

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