Friday, March 19, 2010

Vanity Sizing

A lady and man meet. They have an instant connection. Maybe the fall in love at first site, maybe they are friends for months before they realize they want more. Either way, my question is….you like someone but then on that fateful night when you start to remove your clothes, you do not like what you see underneath – what do you do? All those fairytales don’t say what happens when the princess finds out prince charming is not well equipped, or that he is horrible in bed. Do they stay together or do they call it quits?

I keep finding I am shallower than I thought I was. And you know what…YES penis size does matter for me. If I can’t tell if a guy is hard or not because his pecker is so small, I am not turned on, I am repulsed. And it is even worse, when you see that tiny thing for the first time and he is like “not bad huh?” and you look at it and think….that is the smallest thing I’ve ever seen, but you nod your head and say ‘yup’. Another thought is the issue of, having a small penis and knowing how to use it versus a larger one that doesn’t quite satisfy you. I guess the answer is obvious, but would you even feel it? I don’t see how either of those would work.

So this brings me to my dilemma. I had been trying to not get naked with a guy right away, but to wait a month or so, to make sure we have enough in common or whatever it is…basically to reassure myself I am not a whore. But then over this time period, you develop feelings for someone…as small as they might be, now what do I do? Do I just suck it up and try to figure it out? Do I cringe every time I see it? Or do I move on to the next prospect?

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  1. So did you bang him or not? Hell, he might have rocked your world. So what happened???