Sunday, March 28, 2010

beneficiary smishiary

I was filling out some papers to transfer my Roth IRA from one agent to another (long story), so 99% of the paperwork is complete...but that 1% is troubling me...who is my beneficiary? Well, I have none. The joys of being single. I don't have a significant other, no child, I can't put my parents because hopefully by the time comes for that to cash parents won't be around [not that I as wishing for their demise, but parents should not outlive their children - in an ideal world]. So, who does that leave? I have three sisters - how to pick which one gets that responsibility?

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  1. my (single) friend chose her 1st nephew...?

    i know its still hard to choose since you have quite a few of those now too.. hmm thats a tough one :/