Thursday, June 19, 2014

selling the apartment

Eight years ago after I breakup, I considered moving far away, but I realized I was sad and needed my family more, so I moved near them and bought a condo.  Three years ago, I was doing a lot better and again thought about moving far away.  I applied to jobs in all locations, and decided to rent my apartment so if these far away places contacted me, I could leave quickly and accept the job.  I ended up taking a job in NYC.  When my tenant left, I listed it the apartment for sale but moved back in after a few months because it looked better with furniture.

Having a place on the market while living in it, as many of you know is a lot of work.  Before I left for work everyday, I walked around the apartment to straighten it up and then in the evenings I would dust, clean, wash dishes, etc.  The apartment was always immaculate just in case someone decided to stop by to look at it. 

The apartment generated some traffic, but I didn't have any biters until February, and then I had two.  There were pros and cons with each, and in the end I chose the buyer that offered more money but I spent hours for a few weeks working on getting his pet approved by the Board, delaying everything by 3-4 weeks.  We signed the contract in April and hope to have a late May closing.  

Selling this apartment means a lot to me, not only because it gives me the freedom to move wherever, but also because of what this apartment symbolized.  The apartment was purchased in heartache and was good for me to live alone and be independent; heal from that sadness and emptiness.  In the end the apartment is sold in heartache because it reminds me of ManFriend and all the time we spent here together.  While the apartment was a constant in my life for six years, it is time for those memories to fade even more as both of those men are out of my life forever.

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