Wednesday, July 29, 2015

almost accidental mis-dial

Mountain Man's name is S.  I talk to him somewhat regularly...less now than before, but still a few times a month.  I think my phone automatically made him a favorite.

My brother-in-law's name is S.  I see him at family things and when I go over, but very rarely do I have a need to email or text him.  Holiday, party or fantasy football emails are about it.  When I was on a trip with my sister and her family a few weeks ago, I did need to text and call my brother-in-law S about an item in the store, location, whatever.

During the trip, there was an incident when I was composing a text to Mountain Man, where I did not respond to a text, but rather took a picture and then sent it to him.  But as I was typing in S....SI's name came up.  They are listed a little different, one by full name, one by nickname.  But I am SO glad I realized that before I hit send!  It was a great scenic picture....but you don't send a random person a picture for no reason!

And a day later when I was calling my brother-in-law about a grocery item, I selected SI.  I swear this never happened before, I don't think. I don't think I've ever accidentally called or texted him.  Again, thank goodness the call didn't start and I actually looked at my phone before hitting the green button...because most times I just put the phone to my ear without looking.

So I started to wonder, why is SI still in my phone?   Then I syncs my contacts.  So while I may have removed him from my phone the several times I got a different phone, he still ends up back there.  Do I remove him from my email contacts?  I don't know. I mean, sure, I have no need to talk to him, but I haven't deleted anyone in never know when you need to contact someone.  Do I still know his phone number?  Yeah, the phone number he had when we were together will forever be stuck in my head...just as my childhood phone number or my aunt's number is.  Maybe he doesn't even have it anymore and my almost accidental phone call and text wouldn't have been answered by a confused ex-boyfriend!

But what if he did answer?  What if he answered and I had no idea I called him.  Would he even believe that?  And most likely I would have been like"  him: "this is S." or "hello"  me: "so, they don't have strawberry flavored, what is your next choice" or "I am all done, pull around and I'll hop in"  or some other ridiculous in the moment conversation that would make no sense to someone I haven't talked to him years.   He'd call me out on calling the wrong S...and I'd be left a few thoughts behind, stumbling, sounding not only embarrassed but flaky.  Wrong impression. If I were to converse, it needs to be on my terms, when I have time to think, not be all confused!!

Maybe he would respond that I am a stalker and clearly not over him and I need to get a life.  I think some of that was our last conversation...but funny thing was he initiated contacting me!  Whatever happens, I doubt he'd be nice about it.  He had a bit of an egotistical problem way back when.

Anyway, mistakes happen.  I should end this post by going to my phone and removing him....just in case something like that happens again in the future.  

But two different kinds of incidents only a month apart...what is going on universe???

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