Friday, May 29, 2015

A quick visit to Colorado National Monument

I stopped at Colorado National Monument on my way to Utah.  I honestly wasn't sure what Colorado National Monument was going to be like but I love national parks and monuments that, why not see it if I was going right by it?

Colorado National Monument rises more than 2,000 feet above the Grand Valley of the Colorado River and is part of the Colorado Plateau.  The colorful walled canyons, rock sculptures and mesa top mountain were well worth the drive through the park.

We entered from the East side and drove North through the park. We stopped at all the overlooks and took in the scenery.  We drove through sun, rain, and when we were at on overlook, it started to hail quite hard.

I was a little disappointed that the visitor center closed at 4:30 PM, I got there minutes before 5 PM to get my stamp and bypassed the last few stops....ultimately for no reason.  

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