Tuesday, December 24, 2013

holiday traditions

In the honor of the holidays, I thought I would share some of the holiday traditions that my family had:
Christmas Eve we would go to my Grandmother’s house.  She made this delicious pepperoni bread as an appetizer while she was finishing up making dinner.  She always had several gifts for us, and it was fun to begin Christmas the night before by opening up some presents.  (now, 20 years later, my family still does Christmas Eve but we all still remember my Grandmother and her starting this tradition and honor her by making less delicious pepperoni bread)
Christmas morning after we opened our gifts, my dad would make this elaborate breakfast of eggs, bacon, home-fries, pancakes, waffles.  It was such a nice leisurely morning.  While we ate we would play a board game as a family.  Games we played included Life, Clue, Balderdash, Scattegories, Scrutineyes, Monopoly and Rummy 500.

New Year’s Eve we generally ordered Chinese food and my parents bought cherry 7-up and filled up a champagne glass for us to toast the New Year.

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