Thursday, May 8, 2014

high in protein

I ate bugs today.  Yes, that is right, more than one.

I may have shared in past posts, my huge fear of bugs.  Eating bugs is not ideal for someone who is 'scared' of bugs.  I don't even eat the tentacles of calamari because it looks like a spider.

I know we eat a few spiders a year and maybe inhale gnats while running outside...but somehow this seems different, even though I didn't do it intentionally.

But the fault is my own.  I didn't wash my blackberries I only rinsed them quickly under water.  Is there a difference between rinsing and washing fruit?  Would rinsing longer make a difference anyway?  I put a handful in a container for work.  I popped open the container, and popped a blackberry into my mouth as I worked.  Then I ate another.  For some reason, I looked down and I noticed that something was moving.  It was tiny, probably smaller or the same size as the little 'hair' that sticks out of the blackberry.  I saw it move.  Then I saw another. And another.  

I only had 4 left.  I had about 6...and the last two days I ate a pint (granted today's was from a different pint container).  I can't imagine how many little bugs I ate, it was kinda infested.

So, I drank about 30 ounces of water really know, in case my teeth didn't crush the bugs when I was chewing and in case my stomach acid didn't kill them, I was trying to drown them.

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