Wednesday, November 6, 2013

sharing your baggage

I've often wondered when an appropriate time was to share your baggage with other people.  Of course, one could not share it at all, hoping it would never make an appearance.  I like honesty and if asked, I will share - but sometimes I worry that my baggage would make others treat me differently.

My baggage of course has to deal with the emotional abuse I went through and a man who thought me so insignificant that he carried on with a double life.  I worry that when a man hears that - he will think he can also treat me that way as well because it happened once before; maybe that is all I am worth in their eyes.  

Of course I know I deserve more, but will they? I know a great guy is out there somewhere who when he hears my story will feel so bad he'll want to make it up to me and cherish me to make up for all that lost time. 


  1. Sharing your baggage:
    While your past relationships contribute to who you are today; they really in no way have anything to do with your Future Husband.

  2. I think sharing what you have experienced before in general, e.g. "I was in a bad relationship where it was abusive." should be sufficient.

    Sharing anything more than that would give the guy a bad impression and think that he may be able to do better and he might end up taking you for granted. No matter how much he may have liked you in the beginning.

    A lot of guys want to have a girl that everyone else wants but cant get. So show him you have requirements and that he has to convince you that he is worth you showering your devotion unto him, before you let him enjoy the benefits of being your bf.